Kids’ Furniture That Really Should Come In Adult Sizes

Whoever said “the best things come in small packages” was probably talking about children’s furniture design.

1. The Storybook Bed


ID: 1136827

2. Monster Dressers

NOM. By Oscar Nunez.

ID: 1145609

3. Enveloping Bookshelf

This curving bookshelf by Alicia Bastian envelopes the reader to create a little nook.

ID: 1145573

4. Swinging Cabinet

This is actually a vintage piece from the 1950’s designed by Henry Glass.

ID: 1145640

5. Puzzle Pillows

ID: 1145657

6. Colorful Bedroom Storage

By Italian furniture label Dear Kids.

ID: 1145664

7. Rainbow Storage Dresser

This is actually a Swedish IKEA hack.

ID: 1145698

8. Dinosaur Cabinet Bed

ID: 1145707

9. Beach Ball Lampshade

Get it here.

ID: 1141474

10. The Crescent Moon Bed

ID: 1141330

11. Space-Saving Table and Chairs

By Danish company Small Design.

ID: 1145724

12. A Book Igloo

By Uroko House.

ID: 1145906

13. Reconfigurable Stool

By designer Laura Väinölä.

ID: 1145954

14. Treehouse Bed

ID: 1145976

15. Face Storage Boxes

By Ferm Living.

ID: 1146026

16. Totoro Bed

ID: 1146033

17. The Oops! Cabinet

From Straight Line Designs.

ID: 1146843

18. The Tongue Chair

By Wary Meyers.

ID: 1146872

19. Chalkboard Desk and Chair Set

ID: 1147173

20. Bunny Chairs

ID: 1147185

21. Cat Shelf

By Spanish design company Menut.

ID: 1147199

22. Drum Stool

This is actually a DIY in Dutch you can see here.

ID: 1147205

23. The Cutest Room Divider Ever

By Swedish company Little Red Studa.

ID: 1147212

24. Animal Dining Table

Get it from Paloma’s Nest.

ID: 1147219

25. Critter Storage Units

Get it here if you’re fortunate enough to live in Japan.

ID: 1147239

26. Child’s Animal Sofa

Get them here.

ID: 1147292

27. A Bed Boat

ID: 1148605

28. Pencil-Holding Animal Desks

ID: 1147828

29. Mountainscape Child’s Couch

By Hiromatsu Furniture.

ID: 1147835

30. The Stacking Throne

It’s a chair that goes from baby high chair to adult chair. The pieces stack to become a shelf in the meantime. By Studio Laurens van Wieringen.

ID: 1147905

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