21 Inane Baby Products For Questionable Parents

Thankfully, babies are too adorably clueless to understand what they’re being subjected to.

1. The Snotsucker

ID: 1076461

Here’s how it works.

While gross in theory, this little tool is actually handy and fairly popular.

ID: 1076497

2. High Heels

Well, if Tori Spelling believes in them, they’re obviously a grand idea. By a company called “Heelarious.”

ID: 1076486

3. Bacon-Flavored Infant Formula

A huge tub is only $19.99.

ID: 1076650

4. Potty Trainer iPad Holder

ID: 1076658

5. The Crib Dribbler

So you can feed your baby like a hamster.

ID: 1076662

6. A Crib Tent

So the cat doesn’t eat your baby.

ID: 1076667

7. The Bathroom Babykeeper

Only $39.99!

ID: 1076710

8. Baby Bangs

Really makes you wonder why Urban Outfitters hasn’t opened a baby outpost yet.

ID: 1076608

9. A Crying Analyzer

This baby is only 42% satisfied with the job you’re doing. $48.51 from

ID: 1076729

10. The Daddle

Get it here.

ID: 1076737

11. The Bite Counter

For the micromanaging parent.

ID: 1076821

12. Baby Bomb Shelter


ID: 1120880

13. The Thudguard

The fins on top add aerodynamics to your baby’s movements. Get it here.

ID: 1120886

14. Giant Hand Pillows That “Conform to Your Baby’s Body”

Get it here.

ID: 1120922

15. Paper High Chair

For the sustainable baby.

ID: 1120946

16. The Po-Knee

ID: 1120979

17. The Baby Butt Fan

For the easy, breezy, carefree baby.

ID: 1120997

18. The Poop Alarm

Alert the world! Get it here.

ID: 1121088

19. The Crumb Cap

Designed by a mother to “prevent her toddler from squishing food in her hair during meals.” Get it here.

ID: 1121104

20. Bottle Holder

Also doubles as a baby paraglider.

ID: 1121134

21. Breastfeeding Bra for Men

ID: 1121211

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