36 DIYs That Will Get The Whole Family Psyched For A Disney Vacation

Make the most out of your journey to the most magical place on Earth with these Disney crafts.

1. Make an official Disney autograph book from scrapbooking supplies.


For the lucky child who’s Disney World-bound. Get the DIY here.

ID: 1427668

4. Use this cupcake hack to get Mickey Mouse cupcakes.

Add three marbles to the muffin tin to create cupcakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

ID: 1427672

5. Painted clothespins that are so easy to make, even a toddler could do it.

ID: 1427673

6. Make a countdown chalkboard.

Get the instructions here.

ID: 1427679

7. Another variation on the countdown: a frame and tiny clothespins.

Each scrap of paper has an activity or a trivia question listed. Get the DIY here.

ID: 1429328

8. Here’s a festive wreath version.

Get the directions here.

ID: 1431840

9. Make travel mugs and coasters out of Disney World maps.


Everyone can get familiar with the Magic Kingdom grounds ahead of time. They also make great souvenirs. Get the directions here.

ID: 1431199

10. These Mickey Mouse cupcakes only require some mini Oreos and red cupcake wrappers.

ID: 1427687

11. Cut Disney shapes out of glitter iron-on transfer paper for your official Disney vacation outfits.

Cut the shapes out of Tulip glitter transfer paper.

ID: 1428368

12. Or if you’d prefer more color, go for the Sharpie method.

Get the directions here.

ID: 1431330

13. Surprise an unsuspecting child with a mad lib that hints at an upcoming Disney excursion.

Get the printable here.

ID: 1429342

14. Announce the trip with a surprise visitor in their bed.

The three stages of finding Mickey Mouse in your bed: fear, wonderment, and sheer excitement. Get the pattern for this Mickey Mouse pillow here.

ID: 1429502

15. Make your own ear clips out of stiff felt.

For the child who hates hathead. Get the DIY here.

ID: 1429423

16. Create a color matching game with paint chips.


These also make great activity cards for playing Go Fish on the plane or in the car. Get the instructions here.

ID: 1431355

17. Channel a Disney princess with nail art.

ID: 1429444

18. Or use a Mickey-shaped hole punch to create Mickey toes.

ID: 1431389

19. Dress up the bathroom accessories with Mickey pants.

ID: 1429448

20. Exchange chores for Disney bucks with this popsicle stick system.

ID: 1429458

21. Or if you think chore exchange isn’t your mode of parenting, just hand out Disney Dollars when they’re being good.

ID: 1429493

22. Turn your garden into a magical kingdom with these painted flower pots.

ID: 1431869

23. Tie polka-dot ribbons on a little one’s summer flip flops.

ID: 1429463

24. Or into the laces of their sneakers.

ID: 1431419

25. Make your own Mickey Mouse luggage tags.

Get the directions here.

ID: 1429466

26. Craft up this magical Disney princess necklace.


Each painted bead represents a specific Disney Princess.

ID: 1431456

27. Make special activity clipboards for the car ride.

ID: 1429476

28. Wrap a fun surprise for every hour on the drive to pass time in the car.

ID: 1429421

29. Make special water bottles for the whole fam.

Get the directions here.

ID: 1429510

30. Turn a regular old pizza into a MICKEY PIZZA with pepperoni and olives.

ID: 1431777

31. Download and print out these Disney Bingo cards.

Get the printables here.

ID: 1431193

32. Turn old coffee canisters into change banks for your Disney funds.

ID: 1431524

33. Print out these bookmarks that stay on the page with magnets.

Get the printable here.

ID: 1431512

34. Make these special Mickey Mouse parade wavers.


Get the directions here.

ID: 1431898

35. Upcycle a thrift store Mickey Mouse tee into a tote bag.

Get the tutorial here.

ID: 1431944

36. As a tiny reminder everyday, paint your keys with nail polish.

ID: 1431424

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