44 Cozy Nooks You’ll Want To Crawl Into Immediately

It’s just too cold outside. Time to curl up into a ball and hibernate forever.

3. The Just for Kids Nook

They’re so lucky they can fit into tiny spaces.

ID: 852947

Made from an upcycled crib mattress.

ID: 854017

10. The Attic Nook

Transform an unusual space with vaulted ceilings into a cozy haven.

ID: 852948

14. The Nook Under the Staircase

ID: 852970

17. The Modern Nook

ID: 852985

19. The TeePee Nook

ID: 852997

It’s a repurposed trampoline!

ID: 853011

22. The Futuristic Pod Nook

ID: 853002

23. The Converted Closet Nook

Every kid needs a secret hiding place.

ID: 853043

29. The Just for Reading Nook

ID: 853690

31. The Carved Out Nook

ID: 854115

34. The Pillow Nook

ID: 853088

37. The Starry Nook

ID: 853109

41. The Curtained Nook

So you can block out the rest of the world.

ID: 853853

42. The Window Nook

ID: 853135

This nook costs $168. Get the details here.

ID: 853720

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