38 Fabulous DIY Christmas Trees That Aren’t Actual Trees

If you live in a small apartment or dorm room, or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting a tree, you can channel Christmas spirit in your home without any pine needles.

1. Use string art to draw a tree.

All you need is some string and a few nails to make a lovely minimalist tree decoration.

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2. Glue together some twigs.

ID: 716565

3. Or reuse scrap wood.

ID: 717748

4. Black stenciled Christmas trees look great in a spare black-and-white room.

ID: 716569

5. Repurpose a ladder.

ID: 718562

6. Decorate a small, dried tree with ornaments.

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7. For the beer drinkers: Layer bottles to form a very impressive Christmas tree display.

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8. Hang ornaments on your house plants.

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9. Use washi tape to draw a Christmas tree on the wall.

ID: 717537

10. Create a winter forest diorama.

Get the complete directions here.

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11. Use books to build a tree.

ID: 717606

The shelf tree.

ID: 717694

12. Make a felt-shingled tree.

Get the full directions here.

ID: 717657

13. Draw a tree on a chalkboard painted wall.

ID: 717674

14. Draw a Christmas tree on craft paper or fabric.

Hammer in some nails for hanging ornaments.

ID: 717680

15. Make a branch ladder tree.

ID: 717690

16. Give a money tree as a gift.

Get the full directions here.

ID: 717776

17. For a more kitschy decor, hang a bunch of knickknacks in the shape of a tree on the wall.

ID: 717779

18. There are a few options for Christmas tree origami…

ID: 718442

Get the directions for this origami Christmas tree here.

ID: 718245

Get the directions for this herringbone-form Christmas tree.

ID: 718276

19. Create a Christmas-tree garland.

This one is made by gluing strips of fabric onto poster board.

ID: 717865

20. Create a tree tower using boxes.

ID: 717967

21. Put up a tree Advent calendar.

The large tree print is from IKEA. Get the full directions here.

ID: 718051

22. Create a centerpiece with green paper rolled into trees.

Unfortunately, the directions are in French.

ID: 718111

Wrap the cones in yarn if you don’t have the right color paper. These cone trees are made from paper plates.

ID: 718456

23. Make trees wrapped in the fabric or wrapping paper of your choosing.

Get the tutorial for these poster board cones here.

ID: 719978

24. Use Post-It Notes.

ID: 718130

25. The layers of these trees are made from wire wrapped in ribbon.

Get the full directions here.

ID: 718264

26. Hang balloons on the wall in the shape of a tree.

ID: 718274

27. Make a light tree.

ID: 718430

28. Glue together wine corks to form a tree.

ID: 718450

29. Make a family of 3-D gingerbread Christmas trees.

Get the recipe and directions here.

ID: 719037

30. The simplest tree: Tape paper plates to the wall.

ID: 720043

31. Reuse your old newspapers.

Full tutorial here.

ID: 720048

32. Create an outline of a tree using a rainbow pom-pom garland.

ID: 718464

33. Make a Christmas tree crudité as a table centerpiece.

ID: 718473

34. This tree is made from slivered almonds:

Get the directions here.

ID: 718529

35. For the gardeners, here’s a Christmas tree made from a tomato cage.

ID: 718575

What a tomato cage looks like.

ID: 718577

36. Create a display from Christmas cards.

ID: 718800

37. Make a rosette tree using satin fabric.

Full tutorial here.

ID: 720017

38. Create a hanging ornament structure that resembles a tree.

The full instructions are here and the blogger insists it’s not as complicated as it looks!

ID: 719032

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