37 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

No need to wield a giant knife, risking injury to yourself and others. These no-carve pumpkin ideas will help your pumpkins last longer, too.

1. The Glitter Pumpkin

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2. The Blinged-Out Pumpkin

Glue rhinestones on to create a faux spider web.

ID: 604800

3. The Patterned Pumpkin

I’m partial to the argyle pumpkin.

ID: 604811

Or use decorative Scotch tape for a really easy plaid pumpkin.

ID: 607309

4. The Thumbtack Pumpkin

ID: 605066

5. The Chalkboard Pumpkin

Decorate with a scary (or helpful) message.

ID: 605185

6. The Black Cat Pumpkin

Add black construction paper ears to a chalkboard-painted pumpkin.

ID: 607318

Or you could go the Hello Kitty route.

ID: 607695

7. The decoupaged pumpkin.

Get the directions here.

ID: 605191

These decoupaged pumpkins are works of art.

ID: 607153

8. The Mummy Pumpkin

Get the super easy tutorial here.

ID: 605892

9. The Sexy Lace Pumpkin

This idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens.

ID: 607118

10. The Painted Pumpkin

All you need is paint (ribbon optional).

ID: 607131

These white pumpkins look gorgeous in this white-themed room..

ID: 607938

Use tape for a color block effect.

ID: 607200

11. The Doily Pumpkin

Use a doily as a stencil and spraypaint. Full how-to is here.

ID: 607198

12. The Studded Wire Pumpkin

Get the tutorial here.

ID: 607208

13. The Fabric-Covered Pumpkin

Read the tutorial here.

ID: 607222

14. The Sweater Pumpkin Cozy

Follow the directions here, which are very similar to the fabric pumpkin.

ID: 607234

15. The Puffy Paint Pumpkin

This craft blogger used 3D dimensional paint and studs on her pumpkins.

ID: 607266

These vampire pumpkins were also created using 3D paint.

ID: 608183

16. The Simple Ribbon Pumpkin

Attach double-stick tape to decorative ribbons and wrap around small pumpkins for a centerpiece.

ID: 607301

17. The Pumpkin Spider

Googly eyes and tree branches complete this easy pumpkin spider.

ID: 607581

18. The Sparkly Sequin Pumpkin

Just glue ‘em on.

ID: 607587

19. The Candy Pumpkin

Hot glue jelly beans and licorice peppermint candies to create a sunburst design on a pumpkin.

ID: 607599

20. The Candy Corn Pumpkin

Just spraypaint.

ID: 607605

21. The Eyeball Pumpkin

Requires a little painting skill.

ID: 607701

22. The Felt Costume Pumpkin

Here are some pumpkins dressed up with cutout felt.

ID: 607625

23. Cookie Cutter Pumpkin

Get the directions on how to use cookie cutters to carve a pumpkin.

ID: 607667

24. The Yarn Pumpkin

Get the directions here.

ID: 607745

Get more ideas for yarn-wrapped gourds here.

ID: 608132

25. The Scrapbook Sticker Pumpkin

This pumpkin is as simple as painting it black and decorating with silver scrapbooking stickers.

ID: 607758

26. The Slightly Creepy Masked Pumpkin Lady

This silly pumpkin might actually scare everyone away.

ID: 607719

27. The Penguin Pumpkin

Repurpose an old stuffed animal to create the features of an animal pumpkin.

ID: 607886

28. The Decoupaged Leaf Pumpkin

A truly autumnal table centerpiece.

ID: 607768

29. The Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Get the tutorial on how to create these arty pumpkins.

ID: 607772

30. The Flower Pumpkin

Drill holes into the pumpkin and fill with fresh or artificial flowers.

ID: 608001

31. The Fake Moustache Pumpkin

ID: 607856

32. The Punk-in

Here’s the tutorial for a fairly odd punk rock (S&M?) inspired pumpkin.

ID: 607878

33. The Pumpkin in a Stocking

Possibly the easiest of all of these ideas.

ID: 608135

34. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Pumpkins

Drill holes and fit the pieces in. Courtesy of Frugal Life Project.

ID: 608143

35. The Button Pumpkin

Just glue on.

ID: 608147

36. The Swarm of Bats Pumpkin

For you paper crafters out there.

ID: 608156

37. The Tangled Web Pumpkin

All it takes is some cotton kitchen twine and a few plastic spiders.

ID: 608181

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