19 Reasons Why You Miss Getting The Delia*s Catalog

It’s one of those forgotten teenage thrills. Rory Gilmore probably shopped at dELiA*s.

1. It regularly featured low-maintenance hairstyles for short-haired girls.

Aren’t you sick of all those girls from the Urban Outfitters catalogs with the long flowy hair?

Also, cute stubby pigtails need to make a comeback.

ID: 796398

2. There was only one kind of jean: the mid-rise.

Remember the days when jeans weren’t low-rise OR high-rise? We didn’t have to worry about plumber’s crack or whale tail or mid-day bloat. Life was easy and everything fit.

ID: 796264

3. They sold inflatable furniture for the perfect teenage bedroom.

Everyone is all obsessed with “space-saving furniture,” yet no one even considers the convenient portability of inflatable chairs and couches.

ID: 796106

4. You learned what “rocket pants” were. And you totally wanted them.

You might remember these amorphously flared pants. They were like JNCO’s for the girl next door.

ID: 796291

5. The models all looked like BFFs.

ID: 796363

Nothing bonds two people like matching camisoles. They are 2 for 1, after all.

ID: 796739

6. A tomboyish skateboarding outfit would be perfectly balanced with a half-ponytail.

In this newfangled age of complicated braids, hair-chalking, and beehives, we forget that there is something so effortlessly flattering about a half-ponytail.

ID: 796377

7. You didn’t have to decide whether you were a wedge or a platform person.

These shoes are BOTH.

ID: 796440

8. The girls were always striking irreverent poses and making goofy faces.

Granted, it’s hard to look cool and aloof when you’re dressed like an extra in a New Radicals music video.

+ 1 for model wearing braces.

ID: 796322

9. tHiS foNT.

More retailers should really be capitalizing on the chain letter aesthetic.

ID: 796274

10. All the bottoms had drawstring waistbands.

They really took the guesswork out of figuring out if you were a S, M, or L.

ID: 796411

United in Comfiness.

ID: 796418

11. You looked tall in your plat-flops.

Extra height + slip-on comfort makes you wonder why anyone would subject themselves to heels.

ID: 796457

12. Flared capris were the perfect pants for summer.

Remember every jeans trend of the past 5 years that has been completely beaten to death? Now you understand why flared capris feel so refreshing.

ID: 796545

13. This camo maxi dress.

Almost guaranteed to be ripped off in an Alexander Wang collection of the near future.

ID: 796461

14. The jewelry was cheap and plentiful.

Which was great, because you most likely had six piercings to fill.

ID: 796510

And you really needed some cute bobby pins for this classic “growing my bangs out” hairstyle.

ID: 797733

15. Somehow, a crotch-pocket jean skirt made sense.

Girls like to play pocket pool, too.

ID: 797583

16. The skirts were modestly knee-length.

When was the last time you even saw this shade of powder blue?

ID: 796516

17. You were encouraged to rock a cropped halter.

In retrospect, dELiA’s was a very anti-cleavage publication.

ID: 796464

18. The physical act of filling out a form to place an order felt really momentous.

Google Checkout is just not the same.

ID: 796345


Here it is: the funnest page of the entire catalog. As a grown-ass woman, I still want everything on this page in every color available.

ID: 796462

Photos taken from Melissa Aquino’s Flickr.

ID: 797689

Flickr: 2to1 / Via Flickr: 2to1

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