12 Reasons Why Chow Chows Are Underrated

You only hear about chows in the context of Martha Stewart’s dog, or being paraded around as panda dogs. This is really just an excuse to stare at exceptionally cute fluffy dogs that deserve a little more internet recognition.

1. 1. When they’re puppies, they look like little squished loaves of bread.

3. 2. They’re effing lazy.

Sleeping Chow Chow Sleep-Pointing

Chow Chow Refusing to Take a Shower

5. 3. It’s like having a domesticated lion.

7. 4. They have purple tongues.

8. 5. Do they even have eyes??

10. 6. They’re possibly the fluffiest dogs that exist.

11. 7. They always look like they’re smiling.

15. 9. They look good in hats.

16. 10. They’re good with children.

17. 11. They waddle.

18. 12. They got cute butts.

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