12 Hair Trends That Fashion Week Designers Stole From The Internet

Thank goodness you can’t copyright a hairstyle. Here’s more evidence that trends perhaps aren’t originating from the runways.

1. Punky Streaks

Lindsey Wixson sporting cotton-candy colored streaks backstage.

ID: 580638

The youthful pops of punky hair color coupled with Oscar De La Renta’s old-lady frocks was a refreshing oxymoron. Maybe next season there can be an Oscar De La Renta x Tumblr line.

ID: 581223

The models at the Peter Som show had pastel rainbow highlights.

ID: 584034

The Internet Version:

“Chalking” is a popular hair tutorial that’s all over Tumblr and Pinterest.

ID: 581751

2. Sock Buns

ID: 580947
Keith Bedford / Reuters

From pop singer Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn Spring/Summer 2013 collection, which showed at Fashion Week this year.

ID: 581302

The YouTube Version:

This sock bun video, posted in June of ‘09, has over 2 million views on YouTube.

ID: 582239

3. Horse Weave Braids

Backstage at Falguni and Shane Peacock.

ID: 580949

As Seen Before: On a Horse

We covered this trend a year ago.

ID: 581206

4. The Beehive Ponytail

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

From the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

ID: 581251

Is This a Two-Minute Beehive?

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/40618756.

Did Marc Jacobs totally lift Tavi Gevinson’s “Two-Minute Beehive” viral hit? At least hopefully he saved his hairstylists some time backstage….

ID: 582234

5. Fishtail Braids

Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

Fishtail braids were all over the Tory Burch show.

ID: 581303
Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images
ID: 581305

The Pinterest Version:

You rarely see fishtail braids in real life; they mostly exist on Pinterest.

ID: 581797

6. Neon Hair

When you think of Marimekko, you normally think of fun Sixties-flavored geometric prints. Not raver hair.

ID: 581552

It’s All Over Tumblr:

Every 15-year-old on Tumblr has neon hair.

ID: 581812

7. Forehead Braids

From Emerson SS13.

ID: 581594

Here’s a Blogger Tutorial:

It’s a popular instructographic as seen on Pinterest.

ID: 581746

8. Heart-Shaped Double Braid

ID: 581655

It’s an Ideal Wedding Hairstyle:

The heart braid is all over Pinterest and wedding blogs.

ID: 581860

9. Headband Scarves

At Marc Jacobs.

ID: 581868

Bloggers Have Already Perfected This Look:

Get the tutorial here and here.

ID: 581870

10. The Side Twist Ponytail

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

The style was seen all over the Jenny Peckham show.

ID: 581909
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 581960

Totally seen this before…

ID: 582223

11. Clip-On Bangs

Angela Weiss / Getty Images

As seen at Suzanne Rae.

ID: 582023
Angela Weiss / Getty Images
ID: 582026

Are they from Urban Outfitters?

These were already reviled on the internet, via the Urban Outfitters website.

ID: 582229

12. Medieval Elliptical Braided Buns

Arun Nevader / Getty Images

These oddly-shaped hair tumors were featured at Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2013.

ID: 582591

The Internet Version:

ID: 582597

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