23 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Edinburgh

Street performers, demon dwarves, and invisibility cloaks. What a place.

1. When someone advertised for women who like gingers.

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2. When someone was greeted with this artistic rock formation at the top of Arthur’s Seat.

ID: 3464860

3. When Captain Dan the Demon Dwarf’s Fringe show went a bit wrong.

imgur.com / Metro
ID: 3464892

4. This chappie.

One report said he was like that for several hours.

ID: 3464874

5. This hopeful Fringe performer.

ID: 3464792

6. That time some students went on a tea crawl.

ID: 3464854

7. This touching bench dedication.

ID: 3464856

8. This truly bizarre nightclub toilet policy.

ID: 3464858

9. When this woman dressed as a rabbit and got in a rabbit hutch.

ID: 3464897

10. This high-visibilty kilt.

ID: 3464906

11. This hilarious sign outside a Fringe show.

ID: 3464862

12. The licence plate (and website address) on this waste management truck.

ID: 3464869

13. This entirely reasonable response to a health warning in a chippy window.

ID: 3464871

14. This “husband day care centre”.

ID: 3464877

15. Whiskey-flavoured condoms.

ID: 3464882

16. This pub that isn’t messing about when it comes to drinking.

ID: 3464884

17. This epic shop name battle.

ID: 3464915

18. When someone wrapped up a car and a bin for some reason.

ID: 3464885

19. And this postbox.

ID: 3464894

20. When someone had a picnic dressed as a giraffe.

ID: 3464909

21. When a tourist strapped a dog to his back.

ID: 3464899

22. This delightful and helpful parking advice.

ID: 3464901

23. When there was an interpretive dance routine featuring a penis and a vagina.

ID: 3464903

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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