22 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Cardiff

It’s a lovely, lovely place. Or Mae’n lle hyfryd, hyfryd, if you prefer.

2. When the council had to put this sign above a fountain.

Flickr: eightk / Creative Commons

3. When this women proved Cardiff folk are unfailingly polite, even to cash machines.

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4. When this important and helpful Welsh-to-English translation was provided.

According to Google, the Welsh for pointless is ddibwynt.

5. When this became a serious news story.

7. When someone thought this well meaning but slightly weird bus advert was a good idea.

11. When these fellas were out enjoying the sunshine.

12. When this juice bar opened, with its very original name.

13. When this post-rugby celebration went up a notch.

14. When this supermarket banned people from wearing pyjamas.

15. These fabulous tourist attractions.

16. When this newsagent somehow started doing darts, snooker, and tattoo’s (sic).

18. This charming advert for rabbit meat.

19. When this guy went for a bike ride like it was no big deal.

Flickr: worldofoddy / Creative Commons

20. When a very mature person did this to the toilet door in Bar Icon on Charles Street.

Flickr: citizenerased / Creative Commons

21. That time Walter White and Jessie Pinkman hung out in Cardiff Bay.

22. When someone tampered with this man’s mankini.

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