29 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Brighton

“In a fair ground – Yea, Sussex by the Sea!” Slightly NSFW, because of naked bike rides and some very creative language to describe women’s private parts.

3. These seagull attacks.

4. This upside-down busker.

6. When someone put these fake planning notices up around town.

7. The woman who went to a park with a pink pram and assembled a run for three large rabbits.

9. This alarming news story.

10. This “roommate wanted” ad that requires the lodger to dress like a walrus for two hours a day.

(Yes, we know it was a prank).

11. When a band did a gig in a laundrette.

12. This successful world-record attempt.

13. This “lost pigeon” sign.

14. This shop that takes both Bitcoin AND Dogecoin.

15. This middle-class injury.

17. This cyclist from the future.

18. Whatever the hell is going on here.

19. This man who is folded in half while carried around by another man.

20. This art exibition of pictures of duvets in trees.

21. This restaurant, with its outside area where you can pet rabbits.

22. This event to celebrate female anatomy.

23. And this one.

24. This woman having a quiet picnic with loads of seagulls.

Oops: I’m told this image was actually taken in Seaford, not Brighton.

25. This woman and her important political slogan.

26. This fabulous taxi.

27. This Star Wars shop display.

28. When the clock tower got covered in people’s washing in the name of art.

29. And this, the best / worst selfie the world has ever known.

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