16 Times Seagulls Proved They Are The Real Enemy

Seagulls have been terrorising the UK for generations. This is how bad the problem has got.

1. They’re after your chips and your ice cream.

2. They are turning to a “life of crime”.

Aberdeenshire Council says it received 34 complaints about the birds / master criminals in 2013, including reports of them “attacking people and dogs”.

3. Just like the apes in Planet of the Apes, they are becoming “highly intelligent”.

As the Canterbury Times puts it: “Herne Bay could be in danger of being overrun by a race of highly intelligent gulls, according to worried councillors.”

4. They get drunk on Flying Ant Day by eating too many ants.

5. They are expert thieves.

6. A council in East Devon is employing tough birds as “bird bouncers” who keep the gulls in line.

7. This woman is forced to wear a colander on her head to go into her garden.

8. Vicious gulls are “dive-bombing” people in London just like in a certain scary Hitchcock film.

9. They are expert photobombers.

10. They are taking over the airwaves.

11. They showed that nothing is sacred to them by attacking the Pope’s doves of peace.

12. Never mind humans, they have very little respect for each other either.

13. They are not interested in the wonders of nature.

14. They will steal food from fellow animals.

15. They’re also savvy shoppers who wait patiently for Poundland to open.

Seagull waiting to get into poundland!! Must tell it the shop is closed a and possibly shop elsewhere! #99pStore

— MEMEOWENS (@Mrs Meme Wade)

16. And most chillingly of all, they have NO respect for authority.

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