Now There’s A Version Of Mail Online Written By Philosophers

Pour your curves into this philosophical parody site.

1. What does tabloid news written by philosophers look like? Now we know. This is The Philosophers’ Mail, the intellectual’s version of the globe-straddling, flesh-flaunting, million-clicks-a-minute Mail Online.

It asks important questions about human motivation, ethics and the big questions.

2. Its top stories today range from soul-searching thoughts on the human condition…


4. To some waffle about why you should stop reading the news.

5. These are interesting section headers though.

9. Some 161 million people around the world a month visit Mail Online. We’re not sure the intellectual version is more entertaining than the real thing.

That’s maybe something for philosophers to aim for.

10. The whole this is run by the School of Life, a business which runs lectures and therapies and has a shop near Kings Cross in London.

The workshop on “Mindfulness” on February 1 will set you back £150, while a forthcoming talk on “How to be cool” is just £40.

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