26 Things That Only Fat Men Will Understand

I am in shape. Round is a shape.”

1. Life is hard when you’re on the large side.

ID: 3183943

2. This is a light snack.

ID: 3183856

3. You get this. A lot.

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4. And you always want a second piece of cake. And shrimp.

ID: 3183649

Mmm. Cake.

ID: 3184099

5. You sometimes feel like lasagne for breakfast.

Yes, I am making lasagna before 9 am. #fatmenproblems

— Tom Hanratty (@tomhan374)
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6. This is what your fridge / freezer looks like.

how you close that freezer RT @GladToBeRad: I would be so fat.. but so happy ””"

— Baiders. (@Mikey_yesterday)
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7. There is this eternal problem.

This is why I'm fat! @Mitchant93

— Zoë Hall (@Zoe__Hall)
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8. But you would be the first to admit that you overdo it a bit at mealtimes.

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9. It can be hard to get around due to all your extra weight.

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10. Summer is a complete write-off.

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11. Looking cool on the beach is impossible.

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12. This is a serious problem.

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13. Going for a health check-up can be embarrassing.

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14. If your friend tries on something of yours … it doesn’t fit.

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15. Shopping for clothes is a nightmare.

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16. You could get into skinny clothes, if you wanted. It just wouldn’t be very easy.

ID: 3183814

17. You dress for the occasion.

ID: 3183801

18. But you always NEED new clothes because THIS happens.

ID: 3183957

19. You have a deep emotional reaction to food.

ID: 3183727
ID: 3184004

20. It can affect your relationships.

ID: 3184017

21. Let’s not talk about working out.

ID: 3183826

Don’t even go there.

ID: 3183921
ID: 3184034

22. You get no end of “helpful” advice from friends and family.

ID: 3184126

23. What no one gets is that you ARE in shape, just a bit squidgy.

ID: 3184051

24. No one takes your naked selfies seriously.

Even if you’re beautiful.

ID: 3183830

25. It’s all about perspective.

An instant six pack, anyone? This was too funny not to share. It's pure genius, I say...

— Samantha Amjadali (@sam_amjadali)
ID: 3184060

26. Because in the end, even though you know you need to lose a few pounds, you’re happy with who you are.

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