18 British Animals That Need To Be Stopped At All Costs

Do NOT under any circumstances approach these beasts.

18. This Spanish-speaking parrot.

17. This curious dog in Sunderland that just can’t be trusted.

16. And this one, in Derby.

15. This prank-calling cat.

13. This irresponsible sheep.

12. This fugitive monkey.

Kaylan Varma / Wikipedia / Via

11. This fugitive sausage dog.

10. These sheep that “invaded” a Lancashire town.

8. This homocidal goldfish.

5. This foul-mouthed parrot.

4. This underwear-eating menace to society.

3. This boozy feral pig.

(Which, yes, was in Australia, but it’s very dangerous).

2. Jeffrey, the evil Halifax carnivore.

1. All the seagulls.

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