American-Style Proms Are Most Definitely A Thing In The UK Now

A new Channel 5 documentary follows one group of British school leavers through their prom experience, and reports that as much as £30 million is spent on proms here every year.

1. These girls – Ella, Tylah, Ellie, and Jordan – paid £600 to arrive at their school prom in a horse-drawn carriage.


The 16-year-olds have just left the Manor Academy near Mansfield, the subject of a Channel 5 documentary being shown on 21 August which investigates the rise of US-style proms for school leavers here in the UK.

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2. The carriage is similar to that used by Katie Price, aka Jordan, in her wedding to Peter Andre.


This almost seems low-key compared to the students in Worthing, Sussex, who arrived at their prom via helicoptor.

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3. Some students arrived at their prom in a stretch limo.

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4. Some were perhaps more understated than others.

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5. Others found ways to make ordinary tractor trailers look glamorous.

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6. Some people preferred to turn up in a yellow New York City taxi.

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7. The show centres on Shannon Collingham (fourth from the right), seen here with her friend Chloe and some accompanying boys.


Collingham says during the show: “I’d hate to be described as a tramp or tacky – I wouldn’t want to be called a chav. I’m just a glamorous girl – Princess Shannon.”

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8. Elsie Turner and her date, Jarod Clipson, also feature in the programme.

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9. As you would expect, there are a LOT of selfies.

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10. The programme makers say that £30 million is spent every year on proms in the UK, as companies increasingly tailor clothes and venues towards the prom market.

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Watch Prom Queen Divas UK on Channel 5 this Thursday, which incidentally is when 16-year-olds get their GCSE results.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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