A British Biscuit Company Is Looking For A Chief Biscuit Taster

The job you’ve been waiting for all this time is finally here.

1. Bored at work? Boss being a dick again? Can’t get the printer to print anything, so you have to ask Steve to do it? How about jacking it all in and doing this instead?

ID: 3739444

2. Just in case you missed this bit:

ID: 3739690

3. Mmm, biscuits.

ID: 3739714

4. Sweet, sweet biscuits.

ID: 3739716

5. Gumtree told us the ad is from Fox’s Biscuits, part of the 2 Sisters Food Group, based in Birmingham.

We contacted Fox’s to ask if this is a real job, but no one’s got back to us yet. We’ll be sure to update when we get more.

ID: 3739711

6. But, still: biscuits.

ID: 3739717

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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