25 Inspirational Parents Who Are Winning At Life

These people are definitely on to something.

1. The parents who made this inspiring 18th-birthday cake.

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2. And this highly inventive 21st-birthday cake.

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3. The parents who got this Adam West-era Batmobile.

ID: 3329007

4. This mother who made sure her messages were getting through.

ID: 3329011

5. Whoever thought of this.

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6. The dad who provided the perfect quote for this kid’s yearbook.

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7. The parents who painted their house while their son was away.

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8. The parents who went to extreme lengths to smuggle sweets into their kid’s summer-camp mail.

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9. This unicycling dad.

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10. The dad who got his little boy a tiara because it’s more practical than a dress.

ID: 3329028

11. The dad who created this.

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12. The people who made their son’s wheelchair into this fancy-dress outfit.

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13. This no-nonsense mum.

ID: 3329166

14. This ingenious mum.

ID: 3330462

15. The mum who taught this important lesson.

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16. The parents who had 200 Christmas cards made before their son split up with his girlfriend…but sent them anyway.

ID: 3329408

17. The people who came up with this advice.

David Sopp, Kelly Sopp
ID: 3329187

18. The parents that left this helpful reminder in a teenage boy’s bedroom.

ID: 3329197

19. Whoever gave their son this t-shirt.

ID: 3329763

20. These comedians.

ID: 3329343

21. Every dad with selective hearing.

ID: 3329328

22. This mum.

ID: 3329378

23. This dad who is not too old for skateboarding.

ID: 3329710

24. The parents who didn’t read the card very carefully.

ID: 3329745

25. The parents who make dinosaurs come to life every November.

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