20 Magazine Covers It’s Hard To Believe Ever Existed

Let’s just say they don’t make them like this any more.

1. When Babylon Zoo adorned the cover of pop bible Smash Hits.

2. Whatever is going on here.

3. When the New York Times turned Hilary Clinton into an unsettling fleshy planet.

4. When weekly heavy metal mag Kerrang! put Phil Collins on its front page.

5. When NME put decathlon hero Daley Thompson on the front — vying for space with features on The Fall and Ozzy Osbourne.

6. And when they put Del Boy and Rodney and Ali G on their own front pages.




8. And, of course, not forgetting the time Gary Glitter visited Stonehenge with the KLF.

9. When Blind Melon got naked on the cover of Rolling Stone for reasons that remain unclear.

10. When Bloomberg Businessweek depicted two planes having sex.

11. When X Files star David Duchovny posed in his boxers for Playgirl.

12. When TV chef Rachael Ray was inspired to cook her family and her dog.

13. When this man was dressed as a walrus for some reason.

15. We have no idea. Something about German fish from your nightmares.

16. This guy, on the front of Haringey council’s magazine.

17. When this abomination happened.

19. This VERY EXCITING real estate catalogue.

20. And when Regtransfers, “the World of Personal Number Plates”, put author Martina Cole on the cover.

We assure you this is a real thing.

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