18 Parents Who Forgot How To Parent

There’s a right way, and then there are these people.

1. The mum who shares her love of social media with her child.

ID: 2862039

2. The parents who taught their daughter everyday words, like “fork”.

ID: 2862040

3. These people who were keen for kid to take an interest in their work.

ID: 2862052

4. Whoever thought this particular hobby would be acceptable.

ID: 2862076

5. The parents who gave their baby a gun to play with.

ID: 2867300

6. The outdoorsy parents who threw their baby across a chasm.

ID: 2867311

7. These people, who came up with unconventional means of transport.

ID: 2867308

8. The parent who punked their son with an egg.

ID: 2862087

9. Whoever raised this cutie.

ID: 2862091

10. This dad who got his kid involved in his booze consumption.

ID: 2867360

11. Whoever put their baby on the clothesline.

ID: 2867435

12. And the people who left the parenting to the PC.

ID: 2867509

13. This duck.

Oh SHIT! Bad Parenting!

— Oh Shit! (@OhShitPictures)
ID: 2869112

14. These parents, who have a strange idea of “fun”.

ID: 2867543

15. The parents who made their kid sleep on the patio.

ID: 2867499

16. These parents, with their unique approach to punishment.

ID: 2867514

17. This statue.

ID: 2867503

18. And this guy, who proves parenting is the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

ID: 2867552

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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