Why You’ll Never Get Over Benson And Stabler From “Law And Order: SVU”

Partners for life.

1. Fact: Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler had one of the best procedural drama partnerships around.

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2. Right from the first episode, they clicked.


Throwback to 1999.

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3. These two could communicate so much with a simple look.

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4. Their dialogue could be lovingly sassy.



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5. And memorably adorable.

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6. And they both had their own unique ways of showing that they cared about each other.


Liv’s M.O. was a loving, affectionate sass.

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NBC / Liv’s http://M.O. was a loving, affectionate sass.

NBC / Liv’s http://M.O. was a loving, affectionate sass.


While Elliot’s consisted of giving off a protective vibe. Fuhgeddaboudit, Agent Porter.

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8. Like any long-term partnership, this one wasn’t without friction, and at times things were really tense between them.


Tension was especially high in “Wrath.”

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And in “Fault,” when Elliot chose to see if Liv was OK instead of going after Gitano.

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And then right after this conversation, when Liv told Captain Cragen she wanted a new partner. Thank goodness she was only in Computer Crimes for one episode.

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11. But at the end of the day, they had each other’s backs.

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12. And they were there for each other through some seriously trying times.

Like when Elliot got shot.

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Or when he got bashed in the head and was temporarily blinded.

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And when a man was shot while Liv head a gun to her head.

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And in sickness and in health. (And in cases where your partner bails you out when you’re being framed for murder.)

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16. The episodes where they went undercover together were especially great.

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20. While the episodes with Dani Beck were basically THE WORST.

I won’t even get into the kiss.

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21. Watching Liv see Elliot and Dani together was painful.

So many emotions in that stare.

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22. There was a fair amount of good communication in this partnership: Liv didn’t hesitate to tell Elliot when he needed to step off.

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23. Or call him out when his compassion and understanding were lacking.

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25. Even Elliot, who gave the phrase “silent brooding” a new meaning, was honest with Liv.

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26. Over the years, there were some really heart-melting moments between them.

Like when Liv hugged Elliot in “Pursuit” because Sonja was just killed and she was so glad he was back.

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And in “Paternity,” when Elliot hugged Liv at the hospital.

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28. And maybe you really wanted Olivia and Elliot to hook up.

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29. If you did, this moment in “Wildlife” is your everything.

You just wanted to see all that unresolved sexual tension become something more.

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30. Or maybe you absolutely did not.

If so, you think that, sure, Olivia and Elliot are close… but them hooking up would totally have ruined things. And besides, they weren’t intended to be in a relationship. You believe that they were meant to be (and function best as) partners.

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31. The beauty of the show is that there’s room for both camps.

Friendly? Flirty? You decide.

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32. And no matter which way you lean, you can appreciate the fact that their chemistry was off the charts.


Never have two people eye-contacted so hard.

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33. Case in point:

“You’re the longest relationship that I’ve ever had with a man.” Woah.

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34. When you found out Chris Meloni wouldn’t be coming back for the 13th season, you were a grade-A emotional wreck.

You may have stopped watching SVU, and even if you didn’t, you definitely considered it.

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35. And Olivia breaking down in the interrogation room put you through it like none other.

THERE WAS NO CLOSURE! And that’s a big reason this partnership is so tough to get over.

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36. Same with the scene where she had to pack up Elliot’s desk.


Dear god, not the picture frame.

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37. Now, were they too close, according to police officer standards? Probably.


Dr. Rebecca Hendrix definitely thought so.

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38. But that’s the reason they were so incredible.

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39. So here’s to Benson and Stabler, nailing perps for 12 straight seasons.

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40. Bonus: Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni are super close in real life, too.

Checking in with @Mariska. #partners4life

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
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41. *sobs*

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