46 Foods That Will Always And Forever Remind You Of "Seinfeld"

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

1. Black and white cookies

“If people would only look to the cookie, all our problems would be solved.”

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2. Jambalaya

ID: 2968379

3. Cornish game hen

ID: 2968382

4. Peanut butter right from the jar

ID: 2952987

5. Marble rye

ID: 2968482

6. Big salads

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“Big lettuce, big carrots, tomatoes like volleyballs.”

ID: 2968405

8. Snickers bars

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“How do you eat it? With your hands?”

ID: 2968498

9. Junior Mints

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“Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint, it’s delicious!”

ID: 2968501

10. Deli meat


“I’ve cut slices so thin, I couldn’t even see them.”

ID: 2968517

11. Calzones

ID: 2970882

12. Mutton


“Salad’s got nuttin’ on this mutton!”

ID: 2969208

13. Muffin tops

ID: 2969224

“It’s not ‘top of the muffin TO YOU!’”

ID: 2969228

14. Fat-free frozen yogurt


Or, more accurately, with-fat frozen yogurt.

ID: 2969234

15. T-bone steaks

ID: 2969490

16. Oh Henry! candy bars

ID: 2974979

They’ll always make you think of Sue Ellen Mischke, heiress to the Oh Henry! candy bar fortune and bra-less wonder.

ID: 2975001

17. Twix bars


“They’re all Twix! It was a setup! A setup I tell ya! And you’ve ruined it! You’ve all screwed me again! Now, gimme one! Gimme a Twix!”

ID: 2975029

18. Pez

ID: 2969520

19. Fusilli pasta

ID: 2970829

20. Eclairs

ID: 2970830

21. Risotto

“I feel full after the risotto.”

ID: 2970884

22. Mango

ID: 2970886

23. SOUP

NBC / Via pandawhale.com

“I’m shifting into soup mode.”

ID: 2970899

24. Bosco


You say, chocolate syrup. I say, George’s ATM code.

ID: 2970949

25. Ice cream sundaes

Just don’t get caught eating one on TV.

ID: 2971848

26. Sausages

ID: 2971851

27. Bananas


ID: 2971853

28. Babka


“Cinnamon takes a backseat to no babka!”

ID: 2970951

29. Bagels

ID: 2974166

30. Butter

ID: 2974318

31. Flounder

NBC / Via youtube.com
ID: 2975296

32. Dip

ID: 2974332

33. Big hunks of cheeses

ID: 2974399

34. Peas

ID: 2984963

35. Paella


“What am I supposed to do with all this paella?!”

ID: 2974893

36. Anything from Kenny Rogers Roasters

ID: 2974523

37. Anything from Arby’s

ID: 2974549

38. Spicy mustard


“Spicy mustard…woohoho…you are hot tonight!”

ID: 2974614

39. Gyros

ID: 2974655

40. Drake’s Coffee Cake

“Boy, that’s the full size.” “That’s your big boy.”

ID: 2974661

41. Kasha

ID: 2974717

42. Cantaloupe

NBC / Via tvfanatic.com

Fruit’s a gamble. Know that going in.

ID: 2974804

43. Apple pie

ID: 2974759

(Or just pie in general)

ID: 2974769

44. Lobster

ID: 2974864

45. Pudding

Pudding + X-Acto knife = pudding skin singles.

ID: 2975049

46. And pretzels

NBC / Via rebloggy.com
ID: 2952612
NBC / Via rebloggy.com
ID: 2952618
NBC / Via rebloggy.com
ID: 2952622
NBC / Via rebloggy.com
ID: 2952623

Cheers to all of us who find Seinfeld references in the everyday.

ID: 2975066

Now feel free to chow down.

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