The Andrew Bynum Saga As Told By Increasingly Strange/Depressing News Headlines

A long, lonesome tale.

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Andrew Bynum, Philadelphia’s $16 million dollar center, has yet to play in an NBA game this season, though there are reports he will start running and shooting in the coming days. In (cautious) celebration, let us relive the entertaining saga of Philadelphia’s bigfoot through these (mostly local) news headlines.

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It was actually the L.A. Times that set the table in April, when then-Laker Bynum revealed he hoped to have the same German knee procedure Kobe Bryant received.

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August 10th: Undeterred by his mysterious health condition, the Sixers trade away star Andre Iguodala to build around Bynum.

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August 10th: Philadelphia sports blog Crossing Broad wisely notes that Bynum was a very unsure bet for the Sixers.

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August 11th: the Sixers’ coach, Doug Collins, weighs in.

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2. October 17th: Bynum goes to Germany to get the Kobe Procedure. The Philadelphia Inquirer does a Q&A with a local doctor to try and comfort fans.

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November 10th: A few days into the season, the Sixers haven’t given any updates on Bynum’s health.

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3. November 14th.

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4. Also November 14th: This happened.

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5. November 16th.


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6. November 18th: Bynum suffers a setback in his rehab.

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7. November 26th.

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November 27th: interlude update on one of the guys who’s ACTUALLY playing center for the 76ers.

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8. November 30th.

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December 9th: trying to drum up some hope.

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9. December 9th.

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10. December 12th: That hope lasted three days.

When Skip Bayless steps in, you know it’s not a good situation.

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11. December 12th.

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December 20th.

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13. December 21st.

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14. December 22nd.

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December 24th.

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15. December 24th.

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And that brings us to January 9th.

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