This Is What Happens When You Ask A Group Of Grown Men To Explain Women’s Beauty Secrets

Biggest takeaway: High heels are not for the faint of heart.

1. We asked a bunch of guys to explain the things that women go through for the sake of appearances. How did they do?

ID: 2865254

2. They were basically mystified by how pushup bras work.

ID: 2864631

3. And this was an adult man’s response to being asked, “What are pasties and how do they work?”

Then he giggled a lot.

ID: 2865096

4. When we asked what the steps to applying makeup are, the guys were a little bit taken aback by the question. OF COURSE THERE ARE STEPS.

ID: 2864713

5. Everyone had a pretty tough time with high heels…

ID: 2865512

7. And nobody could figure out how to do the “hair towel thing.”

ID: 2864773

8. Well, nobody except this guy.

Nailed it.

ID: 2864088

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