This Is What Happens When You Ask A Group Of Grown Men To Explain Women’s Beauty Secrets

Biggest takeaway: High heels are not for the faint of heart.

1. We asked a bunch of guys to explain the things that women go through for the sake of appearances. How did they do?

2. They were basically mystified by how pushup bras work.

3. And this was an adult man’s response to being asked, “What are pasties and how do they work?”

Then he giggled a lot.

4. When we asked what the steps to applying makeup are, the guys were a little bit taken aback by the question. OF COURSE THERE ARE STEPS.

5. Everyone had a pretty tough time with high heels…

7. And nobody could figure out how to do the “hair towel thing.”

8. Well, nobody except this guy.

Nailed it.

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