Everyone On The Internet Is An Actual Person

For instance: you.

1. Have you ever seen a photo like this?

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2. It might be easy to forget that this is a photo of a person. Probably someone who doesn’t know he’s being made fun of.

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3. Thought experiment: Imagine if you saw such a photo of yourself on the internet.

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4. It probably wouldn’t feel all that great. Especially if you started to read comments or even just looked at the view count.

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5. In fact, it would probably feel like a whole stadium full of people laughing at you. (Because essentially it is.)

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6. The crazy thing? We probably wouldn’t do that in a big stadium. We’d look around and realize, Hey, we’re laughing at a person. That’s kind of mean.

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7. But when we’re isolated and staring into our screens, it’s easy to forget how mean we can collectively be.

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8. And we forget this incredibly important concept.

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10. Like a girl who is just learning guitar.

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11. Or even a kid who doesn’t yet know how harsh the world can be.

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12. For all you know, it could be someone standing right next to you.

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13. All I can know for sure is that all of my keystrokes affect real people.

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14. And there are real people out there who could use an encouraging word today.

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15. So let’s reward someone who was brave enough to put her work out there. Here’s Michaiah Henry with her original song, “Dreamer.”

Michaiah Henry / Via
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16. I don’t know who she is, but she is clearly a person. (And a talented one at that.)

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17. Keep up the good work, Michaiah. Keep up all the good things you’re doing, all you real people on the internet.

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