This Supercut Of SNL Actors Breaking Character Is Amazing

Slackatory recently posted a video of SNL characters losing their shit and it’s freaking hilarious. It’s incredible that it doesn’t happen more often.

ID: 1424995

2. Kristen Wiig couldn’t keep it together:

ID: 1425115

3. And Rachel Dratch basically gave up:

ID: 1425143

4. Bill Hader read his teleprompter and lost it:

ID: 1425096

5. Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman could barely look at each other:

ID: 1425104

6. Hader, again, couldn’t handle it:

ID: 1425168

7. And Jason Sudeikis had all three of these guys chuckling:

ID: 1425118

8. Adam Sandler was no match for Chris Farley:

ID: 1425064

9. Bill, keep it together.

ID: 1425067

10. And, finally, Molly Shannon was giggling so hard she should’ve dropped the mic:

ID: 1425060

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