13 Peak Taylor Swift Things Taylor Swift Did At The 2014 VMAs

Haters gonna hate, Taylor’s gonna Tay.

1. While getting ready, she took a selfie with her cat:

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2. She showed up in a crazy onesie:

Larry Busacca / Getty
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3. And without pants, she was feeling great. So great that she winked at MTV’s social media staffer:

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4. She performed her new single “Shake It Off,” and portrayed 1989 as a 1920s scene from a hypothetical Broadway play, Taylor Swift: The Musical.

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5. She sang live, but not perfectly, as Deadspin pointed out via a video of the performance that isolates Taylor’s vocal track.

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6. She did NOT reveal her elusive belly button.

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7. She paused the song in the middle of the performance, for an awkward spoken interlude about how she was scared to jump onto her backup dancers, so she would walk around the stage instead.

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8. Later, she shook hands with Jason Derulo, with two hands in the style of a visiting dignitary.

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9. That handshake made her fast friends with Derulo’s date Jordin Sparks, whose phone she stole:

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10. Taylor also cozied up to BFF Lorde’s big sister Jerry. Together, they were way more excited about Lorde’s Best Rock Video than Lorde was.

MTV / Via mtv.tumblr.com
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11. Taylor made a thizz face while dancing to “Black Widow,” and Vine users couldn’t help but re-dub the moment with new music, using the hashtag #TaylorSwiftDancingToStuff.

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Here she is being Taylor to Khia’s classic “My Neck, My Back”:

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G-Eazy’s “I Mean It”:

ID: 3674312

Soulja Boy’s anthemic “We Made It”:

ID: 3674283

Atlanta upstart ILoveMakonnen’s “Maneuvering”:

ID: 3674341

And Bobby Shmurda’s chart-climbing “Hot Boy”:

ID: 3674274

12. After the show, she lovingly stepped into Lorde and Ed Sheeran’s spotlights:

So basically I'm LOSING MY LITTLE MIND because tonight I got to see my friends @edsheeran and @lordemusic win their first #VMAs.

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13)
ID: 3674353

13. And paid Jessie J this backhanded compliment:

Thoughts: I'm glad everyone's discovering Jessie J! Met Iggy in an elevator and she was super nice. Every time I see Blue Ivy, I cry. #VMAs

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13)
ID: 3674347

SO GLAD for you, Jessie.

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