Justin Bieber Is Posting A Bunch Of New Music On Instagram Right Now

Lol remember when he “retired”?

It’s true: Justin Bieber likes noodling around in the studio as much as he likes bucket hats, fancy cars, Michael Jackson, harem pants, Lil Twist, or pretty much anything.

ID: 3454992

On Wednesday, he shared snippets of 11 new recordings, straight from the mixing board.

ID: 3454994

1. There’s the acoustic one about destiny:

ID: 3454946

2. The one where he tells her he’s moving on:

ID: 3454947

3. The “Robin Thicke acid trip”:

ID: 3454948

4. The one about how everything is meaningless:

ID: 3454956

5. The bedroom voice one where he wonders if it’s worth going through all this with you:

ID: 3454958

6. This one sounds like a winking fedora:

ID: 3454965

7. This one sounds like a robot wearing a condom:

ID: 3454969

8. This blip-bloopy one actually kinda ~slaps~:

ID: 3454972

9. This codeine-fogged declaration of crush:

ID: 3454978

10. This Usher-lite Ibiza fodder:

ID: 3454979

11. “Cold waters”

ID: 3454982

Meanwhile, Beliebers be like:

when a cute guy doesn't know how to dress i just

— (@CryingGomez)
ID: 3455013

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