This Guy Shoots His Portraits While Naked And The Pictures Are Incredibly Funny

Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

1. Photojournalist Trevor Christensen takes nude portraits. Rather, he takes portraits. Nude.

Trevor Christensen / Via

2. That’s right. Instead of the subjects stripping down, the man behind the camera is now the one without clothing.

Trevor Christensen / Via

3. The ongoing project was a surprise hit for Christensen, who simply wanted to “explore the relationship between the subject and photographer,” specifically the vulnerability imbalance of that relationship.

Trevor Christensen / Via

4. Ironically, that shift in vulnerability hasn’t really eased his subjects, according to the photographer, but the results speak for themselves.

Trevor Christensen / Via

5. Although it’s still in the beginning stages, Christensen considers this is a “long term project” with a goal to shoot around 150 portraits over the course of the next few years.

Trever Christensen / Via

Featured in photograph: Fictionist

6. Check out more of Trevor’s work on Twitter and Instagram.

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