The Unwritten Rules Of Being Homeless

These rules were shared by Reddit users and may not apply to all areas.

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2. Share what you have with your group. What goes around comes around.

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3. Look out for each other and be good to one another.

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4. When dumpster diving, if you find a pair of shoes or clothes that are not your size, leave them neatly by the side of the dumpster for the next diver.

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5. Don’t interact with the police.

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6. Respect the system at shelters. It may be first-come, first-served, but certain sleeping spots are earned.

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8. Be wary of the items given to you by other people. They might be trying to get rid of something for a reason.

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9. Double-check the food people give you.

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10. Don’t beg on someone’s corner if they are already there.

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11. Find a group of people you can trust (not easy to do) and stick with them.

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13. Always take your shoes off when you sleep.

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14. Talk to other homeless people. Having someone to talk to helps ease the pain of loneliness.

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15. It’s respectful to pretend like you don’t care where your friends went at night.

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16. To prevent someone from stealing your mobile phone at night, sleep with it by your crotch.

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18. Don’t be a rat, that shit will get you killed.

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19. Watch your words. You never know what someone might take too seriously.

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20. Don’t do anything stupid to get money (e.g. sex, crime).

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21. If you’re trying to run away from good parents, and are underage, we will make sure the police find you.

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23. Never turn down a meal.

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24. Never turn down a chance to do some work.

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25. Go to the library every single day.

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26. Save every penny.

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