The 27 Worst Fashion Mistakes Of Carmelo Anthony’s Career

The man apparently LOVES bucket hats.

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For the most part, Carmelo Anthony is a pretty dapper man. When he puts the pieces together, it’s a nice fit (see above picture), but sometimes he gambles with his wardrobe and, well, he loses all of his money and gets kicked out of the casino and then a car drives by and splashes dirty mud water on him. Here are a few examples of those poor fashion choices:

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27. The Beginning

Getty / Jennifer Pottheiser

If there’s one thing Carmelo loves, it’s baggy oversized suits that make him look ridiculous. It’s something Michael Jordan has been doing for many, many years. Sadly.

ID: 1988560

26. Lazy Sunday

Getty / Brian Bahr

Allen Iverson, is that you?

ID: 1988332

25. Half Camo

Getty / Stringer

Justin Bieber probably loves this outfit.

ID: 1988295

24. Full Camo

Getty / Johnny Nunez

Don’t ask, don’t tell…us about that outfit. Can I get an “Amen”?

ID: 1988373

23. The Stevie Wonder Years

Seriously, though, what’s up with those sunglasses?

ID: 1979302

22. Too Legit To Fit

Getty / Donna Ward

That hat just ruined an otherwise decent “lounging around” outfit.

ID: 1986566

21. Ugly Sweater

Getty / Fernando Leon

I don’t know what’s going on with that sweatshirt design, but it is not working. Especially when Swizz Beatz is right next to him in a tux.

ID: 1987135

20. Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Getty / Steve Mack

Are those real? Because they look like the 3D glasses that you get at a movie theater. Also, hello hat.

ID: 1987183

19. RIP Ray Charles

Getty / SGranitz

If Ray Charles wasn’t already dead, this outfit would have killed him. (Great idea with a tribute, just terrible execution.)

ID: 1987256

18. Long Shorts

Getty / Jason Merritt

OK, are those pants or are they shorts?

ID: 1987752

17. And a Loooooooong Jacket

Getty / Andrew D. Bernstein

This is the exact opposite of “slim fit.”

ID: 1987937

16. Hobo Jacket

I’m not sure which is worse: the design or the fit.

ID: 1987884

15. Red Stripe

Getty / Jennifer Pottheiser

The thing about this is, you KNOW Carmelo was loving this look. Which is hilarious.

ID: 1988037

14. The Shane Sparks

Getty / Denise Truscello

Am I right?! Carmelo looks exactly like Shane Sparks — former judge on America’s Best Dance Crew.

ID: 1988143

13. Towel on the Head

Getty / Shareif Ziyadat

I remember when this look was cool. Wait. Nope. Nevermind.

ID: 1988216


Getty / Bryan Haraway

All day everyday. Baby, cuz Melo’s a thug.

ID: 1988325


Getty / Djamilla Rosa Cochran

Wouldn’t change for the world. Baby, cuz Melo’s a thug.

ID: 1988306

10. Thug Life

Getty / Valerie Macon

That’s right you heard. Carmelo Anthony is most definitely not a thug.

ID: 1987902

9. The White Bucket Hat

Getty / Chad Buchanan

Getty / Shane Gritzinger


There are literally hundreds of pictures of Carmelo Anthony in a bucket hat. It was probably his favorite possession at the time.

ID: 1988251

8. The Black Bucket Hat

Getty / Gregory Shamus

Changing colors won’t help you, Melo!

ID: 1988312

7. The Plaid Bucket Hat

Getty / Ray Tamarra

I guarantee he just saw the color beige and was like, “Yep. This outfit is dope.”

ID: 1988317

6. The Yellow Bucket Hat

Getty / Matthew Peyton

He literally looks like he came straight out of a ’90s Nickelodeon TV show.

ID: 1987253

5. Care Bear

Getty / Kelly Kline

I can’t believe he actually wore this.

ID: 1987968

4. The White House Headband

I didn’t need to circle him here, since he obviously sticks out as the only person WEARING A HEADBAND WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

ID: 1986891

3. Colonel Mustard

Getty / Alberto E. Rodriguez

It’s like he’s on the red carpet while on a safari.

ID: 1987228

2. Parachute Pants

Getty / Mark Mainz

Hahahaha. Are you kidding me? You can fit a small village in those pants. He’s lucky a big wind didn’t take him right up into the clouds. LOL. Quit playing, Melo.

ID: 1988298

1. World War II Fighter Pilot

Wow! Great Halloween costume. What? It’s NOT Halloween? Well then, you, sir, are bad at dressing yourself.

ID: 1979269

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