Bizarre Scene At Wimbledon As Serena Williams Bails Out Mid-Match

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

1. Before Tuesday’s second round doubles match at Wimbledon, Serena Williams was struggling to hit balls, seemed disoriented, and even started crying.

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2. And then things got even worse for her during the match.

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3. Which caused a lot of commotion on Twitter:

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This is insane. Serena Williams can’t even get a serve to the net. Stop this thing.

— Shane Bacon (@shanebacon)
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7. After some disturbingly bad and bizarre play, which caused one of the commentators to declare that she’s “never seen anything like this before,” the match was ended on a forfeit from Serena and Venus.

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Although no one is totally sure what happened, on Saturday, after losing to Alize Cornet, Serena Williams said in a post-game interview that “I suck right now at doubles. I told Venus the other day I don’t even want to play because I’m so bad right now. She should get a new partner.”

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Update — July 1, 12:55 p.m. ET: According to SI Tennis, the official reason for Serena Williams’ exit was “viral illness.”

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