43 Tumblr Comments That Make You Go "Hmmmm"

“pigeons can just fly straight to disneyland yet here they are eating breadcrumbs off the pavement”

3. Fictional morning:

5. Disappointing playground:

6. How to survive in the rainforest:

7. A million dollar idea:

8. How to win a debate:

10. Screw you, China:

13. A rough(age) day:

23. Stupid pigeons:

25. Flawless chocolate logic:

26. A really, really good point:

27. Push it to the limit (physically and financially):

32. Bedroom door bravery:

34. Never gonna give you up:

36. Perfume commercials:

39. At least there’s that:

42. I don’t even know:

43. Some M. Night Shyamalan shit:

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