29 People Who Are All About Dat Shade

A little shade never hurt anybody.

1. There’s this dreamer:

2. This beach bum:

3. The man looking at a rock:

4. Mr. Air Jordans:

5. Tattoo lady:

6. The dude who refuses to move with the shadow of the tree:

7. This child:

8. This little man:

9. And this little girl:

10. There’s the lady posing:

11. The couple reading:

12. The odd couple:

13. And all these people on the hill:

14. There’s MacGyver:

15. This guy:

16. The girl by the pool:

17. The man in the trees:

18. Ms. Fancy Feet:

19. The baller chillin’ on the sidelines:

20. And the girl on the rope swing:

21. There’s the guy who’s just relaxing:

22. The one who’s taking a break:

23. The man who climbed a tree:

24. And this fella with the short shorts:

25. There’s the lady having a picnic:

26. The woman knitting:

27. The yogi:

28. The girl who just wants to read:

29. And this patriot, who is most definitely all about dat shade.

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