16 Problems Only Leap Year Babies Will Understand

“So what are you, like, 7?”

1. Having people respond with “that sucks” when you tell them your birthday…

2. And being asked if it’s like the movie Leap Year

3. Which it’s not, so you inevitably have to explain how it actually works…

4. And even after explaining that it is “once every four years,” they still want to guess how old you are…

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5. Which is unbelievably always wrong…

6. So you correct them and put up with their joke about being SUPER young.

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7. And for some reason, people think you’re lying when you tell them you were born on leap year…

8. So you have to show them your ID…

9. And then they make another remark about how you don’t look your leap year age.

10. During non-leap years, people always want to remind you that it’s not your real birthday…

11. So you end up with less presents…

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12. And most of the milestone birthdays, like 18 and 21, don’t fall on leap years…

13. So you have to go to the bar on March 1, even though you’ve been celebrating Feb. 28 as your birthday most of your life…

14. Which is only one day, but it’s a frustration that nobody else understands.

15. Plus, your golden/champagne birthday will never happen because 29 is not a leap year birthday.

But when it finally IS a leap year, you feel extra special because everyone remembers to wish you a happy birthday…

16. Even though some feel the need to get you gifts and cards for toddlers because “Hey, you’re 5!”

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