25 Reasons "The Muppet Christmas Carol" Is The Best Carol Of Them All

Twenty years later, and no adaptation can top it.

1. Michael Caine’s death stare.

ID: 713712

2. A blue furry Charles Dickens.

ID: 716066

3. The most accommodating sidekick.

ID: 716063

4. A frog Tiny Tim who’s more more endearing than any human Tiny Tim.

ID: 726916

5. Which means an even sadder Tiny Tim death.

ID: 716075

7. For once a turkey “twice the size of Tiny Tim” isn’t hyperbole.

ID: 727080

8. Two Marleys are better than one.

ID: 716467

9. Rats in grass skirts.

ID: 720650

10. Old Muppets!

ID: 716476

11. The ghost of Christmas yet to come is legitimately scary.

ID: 720608

12. So is the ghost of Christmas past.

ID: 726965

13. They cast Sam the eagle as a Brit.

ID: 720618

14. “When Love is Gone” and the breakdowns it can lead to.

ID: 720631

15. Flying muppets.

ID: 720639

16. Miss Piggy and Kermit as a married couple.

ID: 720676

17. Singing vegetables.

ID: 726983

18. Singing lock boxes

ID: 727020

19. Caroling grapes.

ID: 727026

20. The penguin’s Christmas skating party.

ID: 727133

21. Mean spirited business men played by actual pigs.

ID: 727176

22. Outragged Beaker.

ID: 727260

23. Gift wrapped mouse-sized cheese.

ID: 727312

25. When the muppets sing it, you believe them

ID: 727509

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