14 Insane Pieces Of Gummy Bear Art Lead The Daily Links

Plus the high tech bra that prevents stress eating, the new fad of extreme classes, and meet the girl making out with Justin Bieber in his latest video.

You may love gummy bears, but you will never love gummy bears as much as whoever made these 14 pieces of “gummy bear art.” - [CollegeCandy]

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The latest fitness craze seeks to train muscles you can’t see in the mirror: Check out this profile on the super intense “breathing classes” gaining popularity in New York. - [DuJour]

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Rob Ford came face-to-face with a Rob Ford impersonator. Needless to say, the world isn’t big enough for two Rob Fords. - [Newser]

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Stuck with a nasty case of writer’s block? A new study shows that sweaty exercise should cure what ails your brain. - [Daily Mail]

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Don’t succumb to emotional eating! A new high tech bra is able to stop stress eating before it starts. - [Grub Street]

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What happens when a cat is raised by a family of ferrets? There’s a CUTE OVERLOAD. - [Catster]

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Think human girls are the only ones having fun? A new study shows a sharp rise in promiscuity in female primates. - [Slate]

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