The 20 All-Time Best Song Lyrics About Sex Lead The Daily Links

Plus an amazing Top Gun homage by Archer, a Tom Hanks movie hair quiz, and, finally, a purse that can charge your phone.

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What happens when you combine Archer, Top Gun, and “Danger Zone”? Amazing happens, that’s what. - [Uproxx]

Finally, one of the most aggravating first world problems has been solved! Meet the Everpurse, the purse that charges your phone! - [Betabeat]

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“Booze is awesome:” Just one of 101 things every twentysomething realizes. - [BroBible]

Well here’s something that NO ONE asked for: A supermarket in Seattle has been sculpting video game characters out of ground meat. - [RocketNews24]

The secret behind Tom Hanks’ acting career? His HAIR! Take this amazing quiz and see if you can match the ‘do to the Hanks movie. - [Vulture]

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Thanks to an amazing new photo-sharing platform, National Geographic now has thousands of volunteer photographers all over the world. Check out ten of the best “Your Shot” submissions so far. - [Mental Floss]

The next time an annoying coworker tries to talk to you, use this excuse: A new study shows that too much small talk at work can cause fatigue. - [Men’s Health]

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