38 Of The Most Hilarious Fast Food Sign Fails Lead The Daily Links

Plus 32 GIFs for Kate Middleton’s 32nd birthday, the 10 all-time greatest quotes from The Rock, and four sex questions men should totally be asking their doctors. posted on

As if baby pictures on social media weren’t already out of control, this woman decided to document her entire home birth on Facebook. - [BetaBeat]

No one asked for it, and yet here it is: The “crogel,” a combination croissant and bagel. - [Gothamist]

Who cares about looking fashionable in the winter? We need these 5 incredibly innovative, practical, and VERY WARM pieces of clothing to exist. - [College Humor]

We get it, Florida, you’re WEIRD: Case in point, one Florida pizzeria is now offering frog legs, alligator and python as TOPPINGS. - [Death and Taxes]

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