38 Of The Most Hilarious Fast Food Sign Fails Lead The Daily Links

Plus 32 GIFs for Kate Middleton’s 32nd birthday, the 10 all-time greatest quotes from The Rock, and four sex questions men should totally be asking their doctors.

Does that come with a side of fail? It’s the 38 funniest fast food sign screw-ups. - [COED]

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Happy birthday, Kate Middleton! Here are 32 GIFs of Kate that will always be royal. - [The Cut]

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As if baby pictures on social media weren’t already out of control, this woman decided to document her entire home birth on Facebook. - [BetaBeat]

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No one asked for it, and yet here it is: The “crogel,” a combination croissant and bagel. - [Gothamist]

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Who cares about looking fashionable in the winter? We need these 5 incredibly innovative, practical, and VERY WARM pieces of clothing to exist. - [College Humor]

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We get it, Florida, you’re WEIRD: Case in point, one Florida pizzeria is now offering frog legs, alligator and python as TOPPINGS. - [Death and Taxes]

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