29 Truly Terrible Tattoos

Seriously though, what were you thinking???

1. 1. “Do Not Iron”

Washing instructions. Complete with symbols. Okay.

ID: 2087900

2. 2. Hot Dog Pin-Up

This runs the gamut from “WTF” to “EWW.” Also, the ketchup/mustard look like crayons.

ID: 2087903

3. 3. Life

I don’t even know where to start. For one, this tattoo was NOT done properly at all. I’d sue. Secondly, it looks like crayon.

ID: 2087910

4. 4. Just Do It

I cannot think of a single reason that someone would do this. Unless Nike was paying them an exorbitant amount of money.

ID: 2087915

5. 5. Beautiful


ID: 2087918

6. 6. The Cheshire Cat

This looks like ballpoint pen.

ID: 2087946

7. 7. Corndong

If this wasn’t a drunk tattoo, I’d have this person’s head checked. Thoroughly.

ID: 2088061

8. 8. Darth Grumpy

Ech. Why.

ID: 2088063

9. 9. Memories

Terrible bands? Check. Typos? Check. Multiple appearances from Nickelback? UNFORGIVABLE.

ID: 2088065

10. 12. This Anchor Refuses To Sink


ID: 2088072

11. 12. Neckbiter

While this is very well done, IT IS CREEPY AS FUCK.

ID: 2088074

12. 13. YOLO

Oh, god. WHY.

ID: 2088076

13. 14. Cheeseburger in Paradise

I call drunk tattoo. I hope.

ID: 2088079

14. 15. Sore Lips

What even is the point of this?

ID: 2088082

15. 16. Coors Light

*scoff/eye roll*

ID: 2088083

16. 17. Jobstoppers

ID: 2088084

Just don’t get them. And definitely don’t get these.

ID: 2088085

18. 18. It’s the Pits


ID: 2088088

19. 19. It’s get better

Overused font + major typo. Oh, honey.

ID: 2088089

20. 20. Hand of God

Poorly done and… interesting concept.

ID: 2088091

21. 21. Dave

I honestly do not know what to say. Let’s start with “Why?”

ID: 2088100

22. 22. Forever Young

How to turn beloved Disney characters into horrifying beasts in one easy step.

ID: 2088101

23. 23. Giraffe

Oh, good lord.

ID: 2088104

24. 24. Spongebob Squarepants

Don’t. Don’t do this.

ID: 2088106

25. 25. The Simple Life

Why would anyone do this?

ID: 2088107

26. 26. I Just Want To Be Harry Potter

Yea, buddy, you SHOULD have tears in your eyes.

ID: 2088109

27. 27. Beers Beers Beers

I think he had a few of those before getting this tattoo.

ID: 2088110

28. 28. Dollface

This is well done. But it’s creepy. Creepy trumps well done.

ID: 2088112

29. 29. PBR


ID: 2088113

30. Seen any tragic tattoos? Share below!

ID: 2088114

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