24 Times You Identified With The “Toddlers And Tiaras” Girls

Preach, sisters. Preach.

1. When they had unrealistic expectations for the future.

2. When they wanted to be Beyoncé.

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Even though a 4-year-old really should not be tanning.

3. When they got competitive.

4. When they loved food.

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I feel you.

5. And when they loved people who give them food.

6. When they were masters of passive-aggression.

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7. When they were not wild about the Biebs.

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8. When they had questionable hobbies.

9. When they dealt with haters in creative ways.

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Whatever floats your boat.

10. When they didn’t put up with bullshit.

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11. When they loved getting money.

12. When they went on emotional roller-coasters.

I feel that Jennifer Lawrence is channeling her spirit through this child.

13. When they loved fast food.

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14. When they knew what they wanted.

Or, rather, didn’t want.

15. When they were tough cookies.

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16. When they didn’t give a single fuck.

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17. When they were very creative.

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18. When they didn’t necessarily spend their money in the best ways.

Although cheese dip is a worthy investment.

19. When they had trouble with math.

It’s a hard subject. Unlike coloring.

20. When they loved to goof off with their friends.

And there was nary a duck-face in sight! You go, girls!

21. When they asked the important questions.

She has a point.

22. When they weren’t morning people.

23. When they knew that they were damn awesome.

24. When they had big dreams.

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