15 Feisty Ways To Insult People Like A Disney Character

If you’re not using cartoons to drive a point home, you’re just not doing it right.

1. If someone is getting a little too cocky, pull out some Tangled:

The Walt Disney Company / Via disneyvillains.net

Accompanying gesture: Laugh heartily with your hand on your heart

ID: 2581693

2. If you hear someone say something just too stupid for words, your perfect response comes from Alice in Wonderland:

The Walt Disney Company / Via alice-in-wonderland.net

Accompanying gesture: The bitchiest of bitchfaces

ID: 2581788

3. If you have to deal with a group of jerks, quote Mrs. Banks from Mary Poppins:

The Walt Disney Company / Via btchflcks.com

Accompanying gesture: Speak gracefully over your shoulder while you walk away like royalty

ID: 2581691

4. If someone is acting like a major bitch, bring out your inner Seven Dwarfs:

The Walt Disney Company / Via fbider.com

Accompanying gesture: Sarcastic finger-wagging sass

ID: 2581696

5. If a total loser is hitting on you, channel Emperor Kuzco:

The Walt Disney Company / Via tenplay.com.au

Accompanying gesture: Elevator eyes with a pitying smile

ID: 2581700

6. If some misogynistic prick won’t leave you alone, do as Esmeralda does:

The Walt Disney Company / Via fanpop.com

Accompanying gesture: Kind eyes, bitchy smile

ID: 2581702

7. If a complete idiot is yapping your ear off, reach into your Oliver and Company arsenal:

The Walt Disney Company / Via disney.wikia.com

Accompanying gesture: Casually polish your nails on your shirt while making direct eye contact

ID: 2581708

8. If someone just won’t let their feelings show, use this gem from Tarzan:

The Walt Disney Company / Via disney.wikia.com

Accompanying gesture: Soap opera level drama- exasperated hands, massive shrugs, pacing, etc

ID: 2581763

9. If you just can’t deal with someone right now, let Hades do the talking:

The Walt Disney Company / Via allthatsepic.com

Accompanying gesture: Talk to the hand

ID: 2581768

10. If a pretentious ass won’t back off, Beauty and the Beast offers the perfect quip:

The Walt Disney Company / Via thebutchersgotbeef.blogspot.com

Accompanying gesture: The best, most attractive sneer you can manage

Extra points ‘cause they probably won’t know what ‘primeval’ means.

ID: 2581774

11. If you just can’t wrap your head around someone’s stupidity, there’s only one thing to say:

The Walt Disney Story / Via instiz.net

Accompanying gesture: The slightest of condescending head-shakes

ID: 2581779

12. If someone just isn’t catching your drift, Timon knows the feeling:

The Walt Disney Company / Via risovach.ru

Accompanying gesture: A coddling smile, as if you’re addressing a small child

ID: 2581785

13. If your least favorite person refuses to stop talking, Treasure Planet’s Captain Amelia can put the words right in your mouth:

The Walt Disney Company / Via markb4.wordpress.com

Accompanying gesture: The sweetest smile you can muster

ID: 2581814

14. If someone mistakenly thinks they’re a total boss-ass bitch, let Mushu’s snark shine:

The Walt Disney Company / Via quizz.biz

Accompanying gesture: Liz Lemon-style eye roll

ID: 2581823

15. And if you have to deal with people in general, there’s only one quote that speaks true:

The Walt Disney Company / Via s1243.photobucket.com

Accompanying gesture: The facepalm to end all facepalms

ID: 2581826

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