33 Things We Can ALL Agree On

Regardless of who you voted for, I think it’s pretty safe to say we can agree on these things.

1. Nutella should be eaten, never worn.

ID: 676961

2. EVERYONE looks like an idiot when they take pictures with iPads.

ID: 675192

3. Even Spike Lee looks like an idiot when he takes a picture with his iPad.

ID: 677326

4. This is humiliating.

ID: 675476

5. There is nothing more frighteningly funny than a basset hound running.

ID: 675044

6. Ducks are just dogs wearing masks.

ID: 675062

7. Ducks should always keep their masks on.

ID: 675061

9. This carrot does not look like a “Kevin.”

It is a carrot. Carrots don’t have names.

ID: 675203

10. (Most) children should not be put on leashes.

ID: 675292

11. Mayonnaise should NEVER be eaten out of a jar.

ID: 675306

13. Chris Brown is the absolute worst.

ID: 675347

14. Beanie Babies are one of the biggest scams of the 21st century.

ID: 675382

15. Pizza’ing > Breading

ID: 677156

16. Tiny hats are always funny.

ID: 677011

17. This is the luckiest person in the world.

ID: 675039

18. Everything is better with googly eyes.

ID: 675475

19. This is an incredibly unfortunate name.

ID: 675858

20. The spaghetti always wins.

ID: 676992
ID: 677116

22. Some people should not be allowed on Facebook.

ID: 676819

23. And Twitter.

ID: 677072

24. Also YouTube.

ID: 677022

25. Permanent marker is not a disguise.

ID: 676840

26. On a similar note, face tattoos are always a bad idea.

ID: 676856

27. An echidna is an entirely underrated baby animal.

ID: 676970
ID: 676985

29. Eels always look like they just told a joke and are waiting for a reaction.

ID: 677132

30. Jonah Hill looked better fat.

ID: 677214

31. NO ONE actually looks good doing duck face.

ID: 677109

32. “Extreme Cougar Wives” is going to be an insane television show.

ID: 677345

33. And free samples are the absolute best.


ID: 676765

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