33 Things We Can ALL Agree On

Regardless of who you voted for, I think it’s pretty safe to say we can agree on these things.

1. Nutella should be eaten, never worn.

2. EVERYONE looks like an idiot when they take pictures with iPads.

3. Even Spike Lee looks like an idiot when he takes a picture with his iPad.

4. This is humiliating.

5. There is nothing more frighteningly funny than a basset hound running.

6. Ducks are just dogs wearing masks.

7. Ducks should always keep their masks on.

9. This carrot does not look like a “Kevin.”

It is a carrot. Carrots don’t have names.

10. (Most) children should not be put on leashes.

11. Mayonnaise should NEVER be eaten out of a jar.

13. Chris Brown is the absolute worst.

14. Beanie Babies are one of the biggest scams of the 21st century.


15. Pizza’ing > Breading

16. Tiny hats are always funny.

17. This is the luckiest person in the world.

18. Everything is better with googly eyes.

19. This is an incredibly unfortunate name.

20. The spaghetti always wins.

22. Some people should not be allowed on Facebook.

23. And Twitter.

25. Permanent marker is not a disguise.

26. On a similar note, face tattoos are always a bad idea.

27. An echidna is an entirely underrated baby animal.


29. Eels always look like they just told a joke and are waiting for a reaction.

30. Jonah Hill looked better fat.


31. NO ONE actually looks good doing duck face.

32. “Extreme Cougar Wives” is going to be an insane television show.

33. And free samples are the absolute best.


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