42 Things That Happened During My Day With The Second Most Famous Pomeranian In The World

Life is pretty awesome when you’re a famous pom.

On a warm fall day in Beverly Hills, I caught up with one of the most famous Pomeranians in the world, Jiff. Jiff has over 1.2 million Facebook fans, which makes him the second most famous pomeranian in the world (Boo is obviously first).

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When I met up with Jiff, he was sitting pretty and playing it casual outside of a bakery.

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Jiff is little. He is tan and white and is always smiling. He doesn’t wear shoes.

He was wearing a very basic T-shirt, but he wouldn’t be wearing the T-shirt for long. Jiff was taking me shopping.

Over the course of the next five hours, we would become pretty close.

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A fan snaps a quick picture of Jiff.

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1. Our destination for the day: Rodeo Drive. Jiff told me he only shops designer because of his unique size. Being a Pom isn’t always so easy. It’s a hard, awkward fit.

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“It’s a tall person’s (dog’s) world.”

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2. I found out quickly that everywhere Jiff goes, fans stop and ask for photos.

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We literally could not walk down the street with someone stopping and asking for a picture.

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3. That’s why some consider Jiff to be the Rihanna of Pomeranians.

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People are always watching his next move.

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4. Jiff didn’t seem to mind all of the attention, though. He told me, “I love my fans.”

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“I need them. They need me. It’s a mutual relationship. They keep me going.”

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5. We made a quick pit stop at Tiffany’s where Jiff had to pick up a gift for a friend’s daughter’s quinceañera.

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“My friend Barb is throwing her daughter one of those crazy big circa 2005 MTV Super Sweet 16 parties. I had to get her something good.”

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6. After a little window shopping at Versace…

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7. …a fan who happened to own a jewelry store stopped Jiff.

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8. The man wanted Jiff to try on a $10 million necklace.

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9. Jiff told me this happens fairly often.

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An endorsement from Jiff could bring major $$$ to retailers.

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10. Then we went to Louis Vuitton. Jiff needed to pick up a trench.

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11. “I love Louis. Those bags… I just can’t,” Jiff said.

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12. Jiff switched out his T-shirt and opted for his newly purchased trench.

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13. After a flyby at Dior…

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14. … Jiff was mobbed by even more adoring fans.

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15. Jiff is REALLY good at posing. His signature move is the “over the shoulder.” He has it perfected.

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16. Then Jiff literally shut down the store.

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And to be honest, it was nerve-racking. Everyone wanted a piece of Jiff.

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A sales associate told me this was somewhere in between a John Stamos and Jen Aniston-size crowd.

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17. Now Jiff needed a suit.

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18. A sales associate brought him a suit he thought he would like.

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Jiff wasn’t sure at first. He had to try it on. He’s not one of those famous Poms that just “buys and buys.” “That’s wasteful,” he said.

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19. Jiff carries around his own platform. It makes it easier when dealing with humans and shopping and posing.

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20. “I love this. I look so quiche,” Jiff said.

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21. Jiff is a quick decision-maker. No point in wasting time anguishing over a purchase.

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“I can always return it or donate it to charity. They like me here.”

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22. “Bye. Thank you. Love you so much. You keep me young,” Jiff said as he exited the store.

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We leave the store.

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23. He was always so gracious.

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24. The day was only halfway over. Jiff still had lots of shopping, people to see, and places to be.

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25. But dear god, I swear we spent at least half of the time chatting with fans.

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I can only imagine how much more Jiff could get done if he wasn’t mobbed all of the time.

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26. A little further down Rodeo, we ran into the TMZ tour. Following in the footsteps of his peers like Aaron Paul, Jiff gave the tour what they wanted.

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You should have seen the faces of everyone on that tour bus.

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27. So that was fun. And then we stopped by Prada…

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28. Jiff decided he didn’t need a new watch…

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29. …and made it to the Lacoste store.

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30. By this time, the crowd following him had grown.

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31. At Lacoste, Jiff was quick. He knew exactly what he needed: a navy blue classic collared tee.

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“I love casual wear. I love being comfortable. Comfort is key,” Jiff said.

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32. Speaking of comfort, Jiff needed it. He walked out the store in search of something more comfortable.

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33. That’s why he went to Juicy Couture. He was looking for a tracksuit.

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34. It didn’t take long. The first tracksuit he tried on it fit like a (comfortable) glove.

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35. That was easy. Then Jiff wanted to take us to his favorite cupcake place, Sprinkles.

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36. “These are divine. I, like, can only have one a month. I’m really into the body positive movement, so eat whatever you want, you know? But like, I can only do one a week.”

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37. *Thanks*

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38. After getting some items for his charity meeting later in the day, Jiff went to get his secret medicine: JUICE.

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39. Like all good Pomeranians, Jiff is super into juicing. He told me it “gets rid of toxins.”

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40. The day is almost over. Only one thing left to do: briskly walk back to the car.

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41. At the car, Jiff put on his driving glasses. We’d been shopping for five hours at this point and we were all exhausted.

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42. Jiff had to get going. As mentioned earlier, Jiff had a charity event to attend.

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“Bye! I love you so much!” Jiff said as he drove off to his home in the Hollywood Hills.

And that was that. What a day. What an experience.

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