49 Things People From Upstate New York Love

Shout-out to all my fellow Upstate New York BuzzFeeders! This is for you.

1. North Faces.

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2. Cider donuts.

ID: 1378055

3. Laughing at other cities when they complain about snow.

ID: 1378082

4. Obsessing over their love for Stewart’s.

ID: 1378117

5. Obsessing over their love for Stewart’s ice cream.

ID: 1378122

6. Obsessing over their love for Stewart’s while eating Stewart’s ice cream at Stewart’s.

ID: 1378127

7. Bruegger’s.

ID: 1378159

8. Haunted hay rides (even as an adult).

ID: 1378190

9. Being annoyed at people who assume you’re from New York City when you say you’re from New York.

ID: 1383201

10. Arguing with people about where Upstate New York starts.

ID: 1378257

11. Getting really angry at people from Westchester who say they’re from Upstate New York.

ID: 1378203

12. Quoting Billy Fuccillo.

“That’s huuuuuuuuuge.”

ID: 1378260

13. Having intense loyalty and lots of opinions about which supermarket is better.

ID: 1378502

14. Freihofer’s

ID: 1386012

15. When people from other cities say they love chicken wings.

ID: 1378099

16. Being incredibly jealous of that one school that is ALWAYS closed.

Ichabod Crane, I’m looking at you.

ID: 1383110

17. Having a friend with a boat.

ID: 1383356

18. Having a friend with a lake house.

ID: 1383128

19. Having a friend with a hot tub.

ID: 1383139

20. Bragging about how the Adirondack Park is the largest state park in the country.

ID: 1383173

21. Fall foliage.

ID: 1385879

22. Bragging about the food specialties in your area, and constantly talking about it when you’re out of state.

ID: 1385915

23. SPAC.

ID: 1383232

24. Inexplicable love for Dave Matthews (or inexplicable hate because of everyone’s inexplicable love.)

The Associated Press / AP
ID: 1385544

25. Hating on Schenectady.

ID: 1378079

26. The track.

ID: 1383248

27. Local business jingles.

ID: 1383265

28. Lakes, in general.

ID: 1383275

29. Miniature golf.

ID: 1385740

30. Getting drunk in the woods.

ID: 1383325

31. Getting drunk on golf courses at night.

ID: 1385709

32. Getting drunk in someone’s basement.

ID: 1383402

33. Being grossed out by the Hudson River.

PCBs! Dredge!

ID: 1383330

34. Keystone Light when you’re in high school.

ID: 1383353

35. Saranac (or some other craft beer) when you’re an adult.

ID: 1385819

36. Calling the town next to you trashy or snobby when it’s pretty much the exact same thing as your own town.

ID: 1385660

37. Bonfires.

ID: 1385579

38. Judging people based on which SUNY school they go to.

ID: 1384571

39. Calling colleges by their nicknames.

HVCC = Harvard On The Hudson.

ID: 1385279

40. 24-hour Walmart Supercenter late-night trips.

ID: 1385346

41. Bug spray.

ID: 1385365

42. Bike paths.

ID: 1385396

43. Their high school lacrosse team. Also explaining to out-of-staters what lacrosse is.

ID: 1385411

44. Naming things after Native Americans.

ID: 1385432

45. Buying your produce from vegetable stands in the summer.

Cucumbers! Tomatoes!

ID: 1385464

46. Apple picking.

ID: 1385474

47. Bragging about the Olympics and the Miracle on Ice.

ID: 1383425

48. Going to the drive-ins and sneaking in at least one of your friends in the trunk.

ID: 1383386

49. And once more, reminding people that there’s more to New York than the city.

ID: 1385901

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