Remembering *NSYNC’s Flawless Rendition Of "That’s The Way Love Goes"

You guys, this was and still is awesome.

It was 2001….

ID: 999602

2. JC had a mom-haircut.

ID: 999579

3. Chris Kirkpatrick had gotten rid of his pineapple head in favor of red highlights.

ID: 999584

4. Lance was “straight”.

ID: 999576

5. Justin Timberlake wore “bling.”

ID: 999575

6. And Joey Fatone couldn’t get off the couch.

ID: 999578

Janet was the first artist honored for MTV’s “Icon” series, and *NSYNC had recorded their own music video for her song, “That’s The Way Love Goes.”

Their rendition was/still is awesome. I just wish they released a studio version!

ID: 999614
ID: 999502

9. And here are 3 gratuitous gifs of 2001-Justin Timberlake wiggling on a wall:

ID: 999581

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