14 Reasons Why You Should Love Rebel Wilson

I love Rebel Wilson and you should too! Get to know her before she becomes a big celeb and stuff.

1. She was secretly the best part of “Bridesmaids”

ID: 415920

2. …with some of the best jokes in the movie.

ID: 415864

3. She was also really funny in an Australian show called “Bogan Pride”. Check out her pubes.

ID: 416305

4. And in another Australian show called “The Wedge”

In this sketch, she plays a teenager going to fat camp.

ID: 415950

5. She was the only thing worth watching in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”

ID: 415929

6. And was in the infamous Juggalo episode of “Workaholics”

ID: 415888

7. She was Chris Colfer’s best friend in “Struck By Lightning”

ID: 415905

8. And is finally going to have a pretty big part in a movie called “Pitch Perfect”

ID: 417016

9. In the movie she plays “Fat Amy”… which is an amazing name

ID: 415802

She will probably be the best character in the movie

ID: 415828

10. Rebel is also a Tina Fey fan

ID: 415915

11. Can ride a tricycle

Via ew.com
ID: 415868

12. Uses nun-chucks

ID: 415881

13. Loves ice cream sandwiches

ID: 415861

14. And wore this outfit on the red carpet of Australia’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

ID: 415947

End of story.

Donut tits!

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