44 Images That Perfectly Capture The Resilience Of The Human Spirit

A collection of images from the past week that have shown us just how powerful the human spirit really is.

1. At 2:50 p.m. on Monday April 15, pure evil exploded at the Boston Marathon finish line.

John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe
ID: 1096067

2. Moments later, pure goodness showed up.

ID: 1096042

3. First responders immediately went to work.

ID: 1095963

4. Normal, everyday people sprung into action.

Bill Greene/The Boston Globe
ID: 1095944

5. A dude with a cowboy hat HELD SOME GUY’S ARTERY.

ID: 1096069

6. In the meantime, everyone did what they could.

ID: 1095959

7. People opened up their homes.

This picture was captioned on instagram. “There is love in this world. A sweet woman opened her home to us and gave us food, shelter and beer! Our hotel is locked down. We can’t get over there. So scary. Praying.”

ID: 1095946

8. The city went into lockdown.

ID: 1095953

9. But still, restaurants brought first responders food.

ID: 1096075

10. Bikers brought coffee.

ID: 1095974

11. And police officers reminded people that this is Boston. They would prevail.

ID: 1095795

12. While all of this was going on, an explosion at a fertilizer company decimated a small town called West, Texas.

ID: 1095830

13. Text messages were sent, as people realized just how fortunate they were.

ID: 1095923

14. In typical Texas fashion, there was (of course) free BBQ.

ID: 1095828

15. Flags went up on Texas highways.

ID: 1095845

16. Students at Baylor University waited in long lines to donate blood.

ID: 1095838

17. While others waited in the rain to do the same.

ID: 1096052

18. The Texas Rangers held a donation drive.

ID: 1095829

19. Tip jars across the Texas were popping up to benefit the victims.

ID: 1095930

20. Kids held bake sales.

ID: 1095875

21. And random acts of kindness were happening everywhere.

ID: 1095876

22. People across the country chipped in, sending whatever they could to Texas.

ID: 1095836

23. Members of the volunteer firefighters in Greensburg, Kansas, held a boot drive.

ID: 1095794

24. The Cleburne, Texas, McDonald’s represented with their Boston gear.

ID: 1096048

25. Someone even sent an entire schoolhouse!

ID: 1095925

26. Back in Boston, people created a makeshift memorial.

ID: 1095982

27. Some left signs.

ID: 1095980

28. Others left their medals.

ID: 1095991

29. And duh, there was Sam Adams.

ID: 1095977

30. That night, the Boston PD flexed their muscles.

Matt Rourke / AP
ID: 1096034

31. They were basically the Avengers.

ID: 1096033

32. At daybreak, when officers made people stay in their homes, this guy brought milk to a family with young children.

ID: 1095800

33. By nightfall, they got the suspect.

Julio Cortez / AP
ID: 1095798

34. Naturally, everyone left their houses and partied in the streets.

Kayana Szymczak / Getty Images
ID: 1095999

35. Police officers included. (Open container laws were apparently temporarily suspended.)

ID: 1096024

36. The Power Rangers even showed up.

ID: 1096031

37. At last, police officers could rest and go home to their families.

This picture was captioned on Instagram: “He’s home!!! Safe and sound after a long four days. Never been more proud.”

ID: 1096036

38. The next day, an excited crowd showed up at Fenway.

Jim Rogash / Getty Images
ID: 1095998

39. Signs were made.

ID: 1096012

40. And everyone was reminded to not mess with the family.

ID: 1096014

41. It was a good day, especially for this guy.

ID: 1096040

42. It all just goes to show how these kinds of tragedies bring us all together, regardless of geography.

ID: 1095821

43. The human spirit always prevails.

ID: 1095808

44. This sign at a soccer game in Dallas sums it up best:

ID: 1096030

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