31 Times You Wish No One Was Watching

Embarrassment lasts a lifetime.

1. When you get caught admiring a Rockettes poster.

ID: 759397

2. When your girlfriend looks through the pictures on your phone.

ID: 759177

3. When your roommate accidently interrupts your “me time.”

ID: 759187

4. When you dance drunk in the daylight.

ID: 759191

5. When you flash the WRONG truck with a camera.

ID: 759192

6. When cops find this written on your chest…

ID: 759225

7. When you try to impress your crush.

ID: 759247

8. When your Cirque du Soleil tryout video earns you a trip to the hospital.

ID: 759865

9. When someone sees your “research” at the library.

ID: 759365

10. When you notice something sticking out…

ID: 759262

11. When you just can’t help yourself.

ID: 759272

12. When the camera cuts back to you a little too early.

ID: 759344

13. When you don’t realize the camera is on.

ID: 759346

14. When you think this is a good idea.

ID: 759430

15. When your friend tells you the dock isn’t slippery.

ID: 759281

16. When you wake up in the WRONG bedroom.

ID: 759489

17. When you think you’re being SO slick with that up-skirt picture.

ID: 759473

18. When you JUST miss the landing.

ID: 759726

19. When you misjudge EVERYTHING.

ID: 759363

20. When your nose itches but your hands are full.

ID: 759259

21. When your roommate fat shames you for that 3am snack.

ID: 759301

22. When you think you’re alone.

ID: 759793

23. When Beyonce side-eyes your attempt to take her and Jay-Z’s picture.

ID: 759406

24. When your mom publicly embarrasses you.

ID: 759407

25. When your best bro ruins your Sunday Funday.

ID: 759857

26. When the bus driver ignores your existence.

ID: 759453

27. When the Walmart manager gets vindictive.

ID: 759470

28. When you think your teammates are paying attention.

ID: 760638

29. When you challenge a bull’s manhood.

ID: 760731

30. When your co-worker finds your browser history.

ID: 759899

31. When your mom catches you watching strange porn.

ID: 759496

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